Clipboard Everywhere 2.3: Fix for Samsung OneUI Crashes, Minor Theme and Performance Improvements

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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This post goes into some more detail on the 2.3 update for Clipboard Everywhere, released January 28th, 2019.

Android 9 / One UI Fixes

The main purpose of this update was to resolve issues with One UI, that may also apply to other variants of Android 9. After I updated my Note 9 on the 28th, I discovered that the app would crash on device wake when new clipboard items had been copied from other devices whilst your Android device was sleeping. This was caused by a small change in how the clipboard can be accessed. It wasn't possible to access the clipboard whilst the screen was off on Oreo, but with One UI, it seems that rather than returning an empty string when attempting to read clipboard text whilst the screen is off, the system now returns null for the Primary Clip, which caused Clipboard Everywhere to crash.

Fortunately, the fix for this issue was quite simple, so I was able to release 2.3 a few hours later.

I've also released the 2.3.1 update for Android today, which fixed an issue where, when the Activity (app) was dismissed from the task switcher, or otherwise killed in the background by the OS, and the app was re-opened:

  • The clipboard history would be invisible.
  • The back button would not take you back to the login screen.

This has likely been occurring for a while, however I had not noticed it as my Note 9 had never killed the app whilst backgrounded, but is now doing so on One UI.

Other Changes

I wasn't planning to release 2.3 in January, but since I did, it has come with some other changes I've been working on. Visually, you will probably notice the new Bottom tabs on Android, rather than top tabs. The Windows app now also has dark themed scroll bars, and supports the Win + F2 key combo to bring the app to the front, for easier access.

I also solved a long-term issue that I'd been having with the Windows app, which would sometimes cause the Files page to hang. This would break SuperDrop without affecting the rest of the app. I've now found that this was an issue in Xamarin.Forms, and have implemented a small fix into my fork, so that has now been resolved with 2.3 for Windows. The Xamarin team was also quick to implement a fix to their official repository once I reported the issue to them, which they will release in the future.

I thought it was a bit easy to accidentally delete items from the clipboard history, so I've added optional confirmation dialogs on deletion, default enabled.

I've added several other small improvements such as being able to filter by starred items, and some small UI improvements. See the Full Change Log for more details.


Searching and filtering the clipboard history has been unreasonably slow since I implemented it, and the reason is that I was working around an issue in Xamarin.Forms. I've found a better workaround for that issue and now the searching and filtering is massively faster. You should notice incredible speed-ups of perhaps 10x, most notably on mobile devices.


MacOS with Xamarin.Forms seems like an endless problem. For each one that I work around, another three take its place. It's still in the works. I'm trying to get around to helping the Xamarin team with some more information on these problems so that they can hopefully resolve them.

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