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Liam Foot

Photo of Me

I am a Master of Physics, having studied at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, where I graduated July 2017. As part of my course, I took a particular liking to project work. In projects, I've enjoyed the opportunity to create a medical device using a Raspberry PI, and to create innovative new treatments for Visual Vertigo using Virtual Reality. For this work, I received the Tessella Prize in Physics, visible in the gallery below.

Throughout my Physics degree, I've enjoyed taking time to write informative product reviews. Informative reviews take a lot of time to write, so I don't get to do it often; however I've received great feedback for what I've done. All of my reviews are visible on Amazon, however for your convenience, they can be searched in the Reviews section of my website.

Work that I've done to treat Visual Vertigo inside Virtual Reality as part of Medical Physics required me to learn the C# programming language. I found this fascinating, and craved more knowledge. In my own time, I've become proficient with the C# language, as well as much of the .NET stack and related technologies; such as SQL Server and JavaScript. I now enjoy developing desktop, mobile and web applications, in addition to virtual reality applications. Though reluctant to delve into it at first, I now particularly enjoy web development. There's something quite special about owning your own corner of the internet, and I welcome you to mine.

Feel free to check out some of my awards in the gallery below, view my Skills; or view some of my documented Projects and Reviews.



Here are some of the awards I've earned through school and university

Tessella Prize, for developing the most innovative software in an undergraduate project
Subject Award for Physics, awarded after completing my A-Levels (age 18).
Governor's Award, for exceptional academic progress
Sir George Franklin Award